Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lauren's Birthday 2010

OK, so here's the e-card I made for a friend, Lauren:
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It's South Park based. It doesn't make too much sense... Originally Butters was going to get $20 from his Dad for a present and he would then go on to make a movie of how Professor Chaos took it from him or destroyed it. That way he'd get Professor Chaos over and keep the money. However a few things happened...

First, I thought it was a little out of character. Second, it was going to take a while. Third, I couldn't do Butters' voice so I had to use sound clips I could quickly find.

As a result it's Butters vs Professor Chaos with the present destroyed, but obviously staged with strings and whatever. After all, Butters is Professor Chaos so he couldn't be in both places. Originally I was going to do a big cut when they switch so it's obvious, but decided it maybe distracting.

Lauren is depicted as a typical South Park Canadian. :)

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