Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sketches - Week 9 (Girls)

Other than the Tex Avery pic in the previous post this week I ended drawing girls for all the sketches. I had two and ended up deciding to just do girls for all of them and look at different types of faces and ways to change them around.

A girl carrying her bags and stuff.
A girl texting on the train. She's not from Avatar, I just felt like drawing in blue.
Various girls inspired by a post of doodles by Pete Emslie. You should check out his blog.
My "goth girl" with a rat done today. I hadn't tried to draw this girl in a long time until this week; I used to draw her from time to time as a cartoon character.
Random faces without references or the like. Just messing around.
My "goth girl" from earlier in the week. I like the newer one from today better (above).
A girl stepping out into another world. I kind of like how this doesn't look to me like something I drew. It looks to me like someone else did it who draws these kind of cute girls... but it I did it (without any references again). I wish I had done her legs a bit different, though. That's the problem when you don't do much of a layout and just try and draw.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Fred "Tex" Avery (February 26, 1908 – August 26, 1980)

Today would be the 102nd birthday of Tex Avery.

In honour of that, this is a little mid-week update of a quick sketch I did from a Droopy cartoon that was directed by Tex Avery. Avery is credited with speeding up cartoons and developing characters such as Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Droopy, and more. Oddly some of my favourite Avery cartoons have no real cartoon star such as Bad Luck Blackie or Mixed Up Pup.

Anyway, Tex is a legend in animation and we shouldn't forget him.

We need a complete Tex Avery DVD collection. The Droopy set was good, but a full set would be great.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sketches - Week 8

I think that I'm going to invest in a decent scanner and move away from taking photos of these sketches. The photos are quick and easy, but I'm often getting the flash (or too dark without the flash) and also the pages aren't aligned flat to the camera so it's skewing things one way or the other... I'll add scanner to my list of things to get including a new computer, new software, etc. :) I was amazed today when I realized this computer I have now must be about 5 years old! I can't remember the last time I had a computer for 5 years!

Anyway, this first one is supposed to be kind of retro-advertising. I was coming up with ideas for presenting a web page to select animations on rather than the boring page I have on my site now.
I started watching the Flintstones DVDs. The middle Fred is from a reference on the cover of the DVDs. His proportions are weird, especially his left arm. The other ones were me taking the main items that make him who he is and just free-styling to see what I come up with for fun.
Again, earlier versions of possible selection screens for a website. These ones were supposed to look like ads posted on a wall. The wall has the darkroar logo kind of in the bricks.
Some people... The women are all real people I drew off photos I found online. None of them especially resembles the original, so the identities are safe. The guy was just completely made up. Unfortunately I was working in pen and the lines on his face are too deep to really make out his mouth properly.
An idea of a weird machine to select animations on a website instead of the retro ads I had above. I had this idea first and was wondering what they may look like. They're also supposed to be kind of retro and not what a real machine doing this thing would look like today (it would probably be touch screen and not have large buttons).
Some "Butters" from south park. His ratio is off because I was just drawing for fun. I like some of them like the one in the top left and the bottom right.
Somehow I ended up with a cold sore over the past week. If anyone has had one, you know they are disgusting. I don't know how I got this one I hadn't been outside for two days. Anyway, I often thought about the disgusting possibility of them spreading around your eye or to the rest of your body. So I drew up this guy who has them all over. He's scratched some of them and that's why they're marked like that. He has a cluster above one of his eyes which is gross. The towel isn't tied around properly... The broken mirror is supposed to show the frustration, but of course no guy would have a mirror like that. :)
Some random girl drawings. I was thinking about the shapes of the heads a lot. I'm reading Drawn to Life Volume 1 and there was a thing in their about head shapes I had looked at earlier in the day.
A single girl just standing around. Again she was practice with head shapes.
The first thing for this week was this guy with the giant hammer. It didn't really come out quite right. I was imagining he was very agile and jumps up in the air, grabs the opponent's head and smashes it into his hammer in a fluent move.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sketches - Week 7

OK, so it was Valentine's Day, so I drew this one... I didn't want them lip to lip, I wanted something different. I maybe should have had him either holding both her arms (his far hand is on her face) or one hand on her face and the other around her.
A girl... I kind of wanted her to look like she's being drawn forward by something she sees, that's why her arms are dragging behind her. Her far eye isn't lined up quite right.

This below is just evil stuff. A dead guy with a nuke and dragons coming out of his head. The evils of mankind. It's hard to see in the photo, but his hand is on a globe.

Yeah, Bioshock 2 was out this week and I played it a lot. So I guess the girl is somewhat influenced by the little sisters. I wanted a girl who was looking lovingly to a gross guy. I drew her first and then drew the guy squatting instead of standing. That's why her eyes aren't really looking at his eyes.

The idea of this was some sort of freedom. Originally there was going to be a body and all these kind of weird birds coming out of it representing spirits or something. I jotted down "final freedom" at the bottom of the page.

This guy was from a dream. He was actually a toy in the dream called Nucliod or something. I think he was green.

And yes, the night Bioshock 2 came out I did this quick sketch. I played the game a lot since it came out so most of my sketches were rushed this week and it ate up a lot of time, but I'm finished all the single player now (and have all the single player achievements). I ended up going with the special edition and don't regret it; the CD is OK and the art book is really cool.
Ok, suicide, I guess... The gun isn't quite 100% to fit to his head. Also a lot of people would probably have turned his wrist so that it was pointed straight in the side of the head.
This one was the same day as the suicide guy above. He's a guy who is down on his luck and living in a box. He is basically for all intents and purposes dead, but his life just keeps going on.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sketches - Week 6

Nothing I've done this week is especially pleasing to me. My mood hasn't been good, either, though... Oh well, here's what I had (1 a day).

A lion from Preston Blair's book. His head is leaning a little too much to the viewer.

I've been reading Celtic myths and legends lately, so I felt like drawing a Celt guy up.
This was based on a page from All Hail Megatron #4. I didn't work too much on keeping the sizes 100% and instead explored the weird point of view of the original. The original was very dark in spots so you couldn't tell how it really goes.
I watched the movie 9 this week, so here's 9 and part of that weird bone cat from the start...
I was happy with my previous Mick Foley sketches so I started with an Undertaker photo (on the left). I didn't like how these came out too much other than the one with the eyes rolled up on the bottom-right.
This guy had started as maybe going to fight someone, that's why he's angry. Instead I decided he was going to find some mystic artifact to get his revenge with.
Three stooges...
That's it for this week. I'm hoping to get time to get into some new drawing/animation books I picked up this week and see what I can learn.