Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sketches - Week 13

I upgraded my 5 year old computer to 3GB of RAM this week (from 1GB). It's helped with multitasking and with Toon Boom Animate where I do my little animations. Animate would get bogged down when I'd have fairly long animations or animations involving lots of sound clips and now it's super smooth (so far anyway).

If I'm working at the end of the year, I'll probably invest in another computer. I certainly use it enough that it's not a waste.

Anyway, on to the sketches for this week...

Yeah, this is another lonely person type one. His body is a bit small for his head.
A half squished fly. I don't know why...

This was from a meeting at work. I liked it enough to bring it home. It started with the dog in the upper right and moved around.
This was from a conference call at work. I like how she turned out.
I had an idea to draw a girl with short purple hair and purple eyes. As I drew her I decided she would be praying. I like how she turned out overall.
This was inspired by Joan of Arc. I think I should have done something different with her chest to give her more of a "girl" look. However, at the time I did it I was thinking she'd have on men's armour (the only type of armour I guess in those times).
This was some sort of robot type thing when I was bored one night. His lines didn't show up well so I had to adjust the shot.
Some slutty type girl. I don't know...

A demon girl. I think I drew this after watching Ugly Americans or whatever that show is called with the cartoon demon girl. I didn't use her as inspiration in any way, I think I was just generally thinking about demon girls after that.

Ken's E-Card...

This year's e-card for Ken is based on Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game, one of my all time favourite games. We used to play that for hours and hours despite the fact that there were only 8 characters. That was the game where the wrestlers were all digitized and it played more like a fighting game than a wrestling game.

For some reason Doink and Lex would team up together quite frequently to win. I remember more than one occasion where Doink did all the work and Lex stole the pin. The stuff Zoink is doing here is based on some of the moves that Doink had in the game.

Watch it here

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sketches - Week 12

Nothing special this week...

There was a girl on the train playing with her key ring and scratching one nail with another. The proportions I have here are off and I have no idea what was on the key ring other than the car key chain. She seemed pretty bored.
This is what happens when I don't know what to draw sometimes... Poor guy, oh well, at least he's eating.
Knee to the head.
Scientist girl. I decided I wanted to do a girl with glasses. I ended up making her blond because I have done so many brunettes lately.
Speaking of brunettes, I think I did this the day before. I kind of like how her hair turned out - it's a mix of two browns.
Another girl. She's not quite as feminine as I would have liked. It's too bad that it's not captured here but her face has a really neat tone to it. The colours mixed well in her face.
A clown killer type. I've been working on an animation with a clown when I came up with this. It will probably get posted in the next week or so.
Head hunters and head hunter masks. I just felt like doing something a little different last week and that's what I decided to do.

That's all... Hopefully next week will be a bit better, but overall these sketches are meant to be experimental and it will be hit and miss as a result.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sketches - Week 11

OK, let's start off week 11 with this sprite/fairy. I kind of wish I didn't do her wings the way I did. Also, she might have looked better not in green... Oh well...

A girl... Nothing special in this one. I oddly liked it better when I had first done it and less now.
A page of skulls, because, well, I'm still me. :) My favourites are the top-right and bottom-left ones.
A girl standing in the wind. I like this one, she looks kind of innocent, even if a little chubby.
A fairy getting dragged by her little leg. I actually drew this one at 90 degrees so the hand was at the bottom and he was pulling her down. When I took the picture, though, I liked this way too, so I decided to not bother flipping it.
Girl picking a flower. I actually didn't plan the scene quite right as her hand isn't in a good place to pick a flower. She would have to reach over and behind it to get it at the stem. Oh well, I still like it overall.
Some various heads. Top-left and bottom-right are probably my favourites. I seem to draw things I like in corners...
The white wolf with some red on his face... I didn't capture him right in any of these. This was from a dream I had. It was a great white wolf like those arctic wolves. His face was painted in a deep red like blood and there was a darker outline around it. I wish I could have captured it, but alas no. Maybe if I had actually used a reference and not just rushed to try and get it down.
This poor guy has something wrong with him. He opens himself up to find the problem and is pulling on something in there. I kind of like this one.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sketches - Week 10

Wow, Week 10 of my sketches...

This poor guy is trying to pull himself out of some sort of hellish place...
The girl turns and waves goodbye to us...
Saber tooth tiger cartoon guy... Not really any rhyme or reason to this one.
Various heads... The top 3 have the same basic expression on their mouths.
This guy is reaching for something... It's more a spiritual reaching than a physical reaching for something.

Some weird cartoon cats... Nothing special, just something to fill time.
A random sketch of a character I had been working on for a video game but never actually finished. I had his 3D model basically done, but... Oh well, it was a long time ago now.
A caterpillar. Similar to what you'll see in the 2009 e-card I made for my sister, but this guy is a little less humanoid in his face. This is kind of how my first sketch was, but I wanted to have "normal" eyes. There's something about this drooling, randomly eyed head that I like.
This was a quick sketch of Alessandra Torresani. I don't particularly like it, but it was quick and off a pic that I didn't love either. Anyway, you can see the real thing on the TV show Caprica. She's quite good in it.

That's all for this week... Peace.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lauren's Birthday 2010

OK, so here's the e-card I made for a friend, Lauren:
Click Here To View

It's South Park based. It doesn't make too much sense... Originally Butters was going to get $20 from his Dad for a present and he would then go on to make a movie of how Professor Chaos took it from him or destroyed it. That way he'd get Professor Chaos over and keep the money. However a few things happened...

First, I thought it was a little out of character. Second, it was going to take a while. Third, I couldn't do Butters' voice so I had to use sound clips I could quickly find.

As a result it's Butters vs Professor Chaos with the present destroyed, but obviously staged with strings and whatever. After all, Butters is Professor Chaos so he couldn't be in both places. Originally I was going to do a big cut when they switch so it's obvious, but decided it maybe distracting.

Lauren is depicted as a typical South Park Canadian. :)