Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 2009 Sketches

A cute girl in her winter coat. I like how she turned out as far as her expression and the colours. You can see the purple shapes I started with underneath.

Odds and ends around my room... Nothing spectacular, just random stuff and junk...
Skull themed soldier... I think he'd be some sort of henchman; he's probably not cool enough to do evil on his own...

Experimenting with some sort of guy with a goat helmet head. He could control the powers of darkness. Like he can shoot a black fireball or turn himself into a shadow so weapons pass through him. That's what's illustrated on the left. Probably the guy in back would be the one used, and the guy in front could be a henchman or something...

This guy can change the DNA in his cells at a very quick rate. He needs DNA to alter it with, though, so one arm he has a polar bear claw (so he can turn his arm into a massive polar bear claw to attack) and the other has crow feathers, so he can make his arm disolve into crows (to annoy his enemies. His head has a wolf's pelt so he can change himself into a wolf to lunch at enemies. I guess this guy would be in some sort of fighting game (or something). I'd like to change him to winter themed (so the crows will have to change to something else - but there aren't many cool annoying winter birds).

This is an earlier sketch of the guy above when he comes on his power to alter his cells. His hand is kind of melting here on him. I had the idea that when he is overworked the cells will just kind of deteriorate like this until he rests.

Another one for the fighting game. I figured out this one's powers a while back. She can basically make quills or spikes out of practically anything in her body. She can shoot poison quills from her fists, create a blade like object for stabbing from her forearm, use her tail and roll up and charge an enemy with all her blades out on her back.

A Christmas themed guy. Actually this is the guy who ruined Christmas. In the full picture he's dragging away a Christmas tree and he's taking the candy cane away!

This brown bear came to visit his cousin, the polar bear. The polar bear has to fish for him, because the brown bear finds the water too cold.

These are based on some poeple I know... Yes, salt is destroying the one guy...

This is some woman who works at a Subway. I usually draw a certain type of girl, so this was just to do something different (with no reference as well).

Another of the evil snowmen who never made it into an animation this year... Maybe next year or another year.

Another girl picture... Her curly hair make her look more "ethnic" than she should, she was a white girl.

Items from around my room (drawn with looking at the page).