Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sketches - Week 12

Nothing special this week...

There was a girl on the train playing with her key ring and scratching one nail with another. The proportions I have here are off and I have no idea what was on the key ring other than the car key chain. She seemed pretty bored.
This is what happens when I don't know what to draw sometimes... Poor guy, oh well, at least he's eating.
Knee to the head.
Scientist girl. I decided I wanted to do a girl with glasses. I ended up making her blond because I have done so many brunettes lately.
Speaking of brunettes, I think I did this the day before. I kind of like how her hair turned out - it's a mix of two browns.
Another girl. She's not quite as feminine as I would have liked. It's too bad that it's not captured here but her face has a really neat tone to it. The colours mixed well in her face.
A clown killer type. I've been working on an animation with a clown when I came up with this. It will probably get posted in the next week or so.
Head hunters and head hunter masks. I just felt like doing something a little different last week and that's what I decided to do.

That's all... Hopefully next week will be a bit better, but overall these sketches are meant to be experimental and it will be hit and miss as a result.

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