Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sketches - Week 11

OK, let's start off week 11 with this sprite/fairy. I kind of wish I didn't do her wings the way I did. Also, she might have looked better not in green... Oh well...

A girl... Nothing special in this one. I oddly liked it better when I had first done it and less now.
A page of skulls, because, well, I'm still me. :) My favourites are the top-right and bottom-left ones.
A girl standing in the wind. I like this one, she looks kind of innocent, even if a little chubby.
A fairy getting dragged by her little leg. I actually drew this one at 90 degrees so the hand was at the bottom and he was pulling her down. When I took the picture, though, I liked this way too, so I decided to not bother flipping it.
Girl picking a flower. I actually didn't plan the scene quite right as her hand isn't in a good place to pick a flower. She would have to reach over and behind it to get it at the stem. Oh well, I still like it overall.
Some various heads. Top-left and bottom-right are probably my favourites. I seem to draw things I like in corners...
The white wolf with some red on his face... I didn't capture him right in any of these. This was from a dream I had. It was a great white wolf like those arctic wolves. His face was painted in a deep red like blood and there was a darker outline around it. I wish I could have captured it, but alas no. Maybe if I had actually used a reference and not just rushed to try and get it down.
This poor guy has something wrong with him. He opens himself up to find the problem and is pulling on something in there. I kind of like this one.

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