Monday, March 8, 2010

Sketches - Week 10

Wow, Week 10 of my sketches...

This poor guy is trying to pull himself out of some sort of hellish place...
The girl turns and waves goodbye to us...
Saber tooth tiger cartoon guy... Not really any rhyme or reason to this one.
Various heads... The top 3 have the same basic expression on their mouths.
This guy is reaching for something... It's more a spiritual reaching than a physical reaching for something.

Some weird cartoon cats... Nothing special, just something to fill time.
A random sketch of a character I had been working on for a video game but never actually finished. I had his 3D model basically done, but... Oh well, it was a long time ago now.
A caterpillar. Similar to what you'll see in the 2009 e-card I made for my sister, but this guy is a little less humanoid in his face. This is kind of how my first sketch was, but I wanted to have "normal" eyes. There's something about this drooling, randomly eyed head that I like.
This was a quick sketch of Alessandra Torresani. I don't particularly like it, but it was quick and off a pic that I didn't love either. Anyway, you can see the real thing on the TV show Caprica. She's quite good in it.

That's all for this week... Peace.

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