Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sketches - Week 13

I upgraded my 5 year old computer to 3GB of RAM this week (from 1GB). It's helped with multitasking and with Toon Boom Animate where I do my little animations. Animate would get bogged down when I'd have fairly long animations or animations involving lots of sound clips and now it's super smooth (so far anyway).

If I'm working at the end of the year, I'll probably invest in another computer. I certainly use it enough that it's not a waste.

Anyway, on to the sketches for this week...

Yeah, this is another lonely person type one. His body is a bit small for his head.
A half squished fly. I don't know why...

This was from a meeting at work. I liked it enough to bring it home. It started with the dog in the upper right and moved around.
This was from a conference call at work. I like how she turned out.
I had an idea to draw a girl with short purple hair and purple eyes. As I drew her I decided she would be praying. I like how she turned out overall.
This was inspired by Joan of Arc. I think I should have done something different with her chest to give her more of a "girl" look. However, at the time I did it I was thinking she'd have on men's armour (the only type of armour I guess in those times).
This was some sort of robot type thing when I was bored one night. His lines didn't show up well so I had to adjust the shot.
Some slutty type girl. I don't know...

A demon girl. I think I drew this after watching Ugly Americans or whatever that show is called with the cartoon demon girl. I didn't use her as inspiration in any way, I think I was just generally thinking about demon girls after that.

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