Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sketches - Week 9 (Girls)

Other than the Tex Avery pic in the previous post this week I ended drawing girls for all the sketches. I had two and ended up deciding to just do girls for all of them and look at different types of faces and ways to change them around.

A girl carrying her bags and stuff.
A girl texting on the train. She's not from Avatar, I just felt like drawing in blue.
Various girls inspired by a post of doodles by Pete Emslie. You should check out his blog.
My "goth girl" with a rat done today. I hadn't tried to draw this girl in a long time until this week; I used to draw her from time to time as a cartoon character.
Random faces without references or the like. Just messing around.
My "goth girl" from earlier in the week. I like the newer one from today better (above).
A girl stepping out into another world. I kind of like how this doesn't look to me like something I drew. It looks to me like someone else did it who draws these kind of cute girls... but it I did it (without any references again). I wish I had done her legs a bit different, though. That's the problem when you don't do much of a layout and just try and draw.

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