Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sketches - Week 6

Nothing I've done this week is especially pleasing to me. My mood hasn't been good, either, though... Oh well, here's what I had (1 a day).

A lion from Preston Blair's book. His head is leaning a little too much to the viewer.

I've been reading Celtic myths and legends lately, so I felt like drawing a Celt guy up.
This was based on a page from All Hail Megatron #4. I didn't work too much on keeping the sizes 100% and instead explored the weird point of view of the original. The original was very dark in spots so you couldn't tell how it really goes.
I watched the movie 9 this week, so here's 9 and part of that weird bone cat from the start...
I was happy with my previous Mick Foley sketches so I started with an Undertaker photo (on the left). I didn't like how these came out too much other than the one with the eyes rolled up on the bottom-right.
This guy had started as maybe going to fight someone, that's why he's angry. Instead I decided he was going to find some mystic artifact to get his revenge with.
Three stooges...
That's it for this week. I'm hoping to get time to get into some new drawing/animation books I picked up this week and see what I can learn.

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