Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sketches - Week 7

OK, so it was Valentine's Day, so I drew this one... I didn't want them lip to lip, I wanted something different. I maybe should have had him either holding both her arms (his far hand is on her face) or one hand on her face and the other around her.
A girl... I kind of wanted her to look like she's being drawn forward by something she sees, that's why her arms are dragging behind her. Her far eye isn't lined up quite right.

This below is just evil stuff. A dead guy with a nuke and dragons coming out of his head. The evils of mankind. It's hard to see in the photo, but his hand is on a globe.

Yeah, Bioshock 2 was out this week and I played it a lot. So I guess the girl is somewhat influenced by the little sisters. I wanted a girl who was looking lovingly to a gross guy. I drew her first and then drew the guy squatting instead of standing. That's why her eyes aren't really looking at his eyes.

The idea of this was some sort of freedom. Originally there was going to be a body and all these kind of weird birds coming out of it representing spirits or something. I jotted down "final freedom" at the bottom of the page.

This guy was from a dream. He was actually a toy in the dream called Nucliod or something. I think he was green.

And yes, the night Bioshock 2 came out I did this quick sketch. I played the game a lot since it came out so most of my sketches were rushed this week and it ate up a lot of time, but I'm finished all the single player now (and have all the single player achievements). I ended up going with the special edition and don't regret it; the CD is OK and the art book is really cool.
Ok, suicide, I guess... The gun isn't quite 100% to fit to his head. Also a lot of people would probably have turned his wrist so that it was pointed straight in the side of the head.
This one was the same day as the suicide guy above. He's a guy who is down on his luck and living in a box. He is basically for all intents and purposes dead, but his life just keeps going on.

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