Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sketches - Week 18

Another week of sketches... Nothing special.

Some girl in a blouse and skirt. What's interesting about her (to me) is that she doesn't look like something drawn by me. I find it amusing when I draw things that look like someone else did them.

OK, this creep is a middle age, out of shape guy looking for women... He's a bit slimy as you might guess.
Some cut up monster guy who wants to die, but can't...
A metal chick. I've been playing Brutal Legend this week - cool game (even if the side missions are repetitive). :)
This guy is a bit too happy to have the girl...
Girl with sunglasses ignoring someone... Never happened to me before... I was in a bad mood this night so it was hard to draw anything. It's the same night the messy guy who wants to die above was done.
Red head because I felt like making one. I wanted a weird hair style so I ended up with that beehive like thing. I have no idea how the hair really goes in a beehive to do it better.
This was an experiment with a different style body then I'm used to. A little less realistic with the tiny legs and the big upper body.

That's all folks!

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