Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sketches - Week 17

I did more than usual this week, plus found some extras I had sitting around in another sketch book from the past week or two. I use the second book to experiment more and do rough storyboards when I think of an idea.

First off some cartoon girl with different emotions/ideas.
An older looking girl in pen.
This was a rough for the cover of Mia's birthday card (which I didn't take pics of).
A marker sketch... I was playing with the markers to see how the page absorbs them, etc.
An outlined girl and cat and some pencil girl.
A quick pencil sketch of some girl and a little cat.
Pencil girl sketch.
From my real sketch book, this was the second sketch in the same day. I rarely use pencil in this book now, but in this case I did. I wanted it to just feel like utter hopelessness.
Red haired girl looking behind her. I felt like drawing a red head after watching the new Dr Who - the Scottish girl with him has red hair, but more red than this orange-red I used.
Cartoon heads from Preston Blair's book. I had no ideas and just felt like quickly messing around. There's always something to be learned from this kind of practice, though.
Fuming girl. Yeah, I'm pretty sure she's mad at me. It was from a dream, kind of. Don't worry in the dream we made up. ;)
A big head mutant kid squishing something with his giant arm. I had the idea for one small and one large arm, and then gave him a huge head for no reason.
Happy girl looking up. I actually wanted to draw her head entirely tilted up but it didn't go that way.
Guy looking back into the light. In the dark all kinds of monsters are waiting for him.
Some random sketches of women off things. They're not very good.
The first sketch I did this week. A weird monster with a little person in his hand.

That's it. See you next week.

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