Sunday, January 10, 2010

January - Week 2 of the Year Sketches...

Here are some sketches for this week of the year. I decided this year to try and do at least a page everyday in my sketchbook. So far, so good. I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep it up when I do some more animation; we'll see... I won't post every single thing here, but most of what I'm doing.

First up some cats from some photos quickly sketched out followed by White Stripes cats.
The upper left was based on a photo from Force Character Design from Life Drawing. The others were loosely based on the first. In the 2nd I tried to make her more cute by giving her a smile (she has a gun hidden behind her skirt), the 3rd is her shooting someone climbing up something, the 4th she's backing down from someone and the in 5th she's a bit cuter/chubbier. There's a gun like she might use with a black widdow on it.
The near center is based on a photo from Force Character Design from Life Drawing. I don't particularly like how any of them turned out. The one in the upper right is easily my favourite.

The viking holding the sword on the upper left is based on a photo from Force Character Design from Life Drawing. I like the three on the bottom of the page best.

Once more based off a photo in Force Character Design from Life Drawing is the center woman. The others take her in different poses and ideas.

Some random drawings of things. The girl isn't too bad and the beholder is OK, but the flash has faded him out some. I also like the overweight lion. I was just thinking how beholders have kind of caught on as a fantasy monster. Of course nowhere near the level of dragons or the like, but they're getting there...
On a night when I didn't know what to draw, I drew this fat guy on the couch (no reference). I'm playing with making his face fater at the top of the page, but he looks like he's just blowing up his cheeks. On TV they said something about Kitchiner, ON and I thought about what a place with kitchen in it would be like, with utencils running around.

Some pseudo-cute girls. I like the one towards the center best, but they're all OK.

The central figure was from a photo online. The others are changes based on the original, playing wiht what I can stretch and change.

Drawn based off some photos. This one was kind of quick and needs work on the structure of the face in general. Not bad, though...

Finally, based on a photo from Force Character Design from Life Drawing. I wish the photos in that book were a bit bigger for me. :( Anyway, the one in the upper left with the full body was based on the photo and the ohters I just made up with the pirate idea and the basics from that one.

That's all for this week... Hopefully another set next week...

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