Monday, November 30, 2009

November 2009 Sketches

November is another mixed bag of things...

A girl with a weird animal over top of her. The animal is loosely based on a bear (body-wise). I have no idea where his head came from, though. I just sort of drew it and then the body.

Random drawings of things... A weird frog, the moon, some alien thing, some quick Simpsons with no references. This was a day when I couldn't think of what to draw.

An evil snowman. I was planning to make a Christmas animation and part of it was going to have an evil snowman. What actually happened is I had to work most of the time I was supposed to be off. :(

An earlier version and testing of the evil snowman idea...

In a drawing book I was reading, it suggested to draw things wihtout looking at the page and focusing on the outlines. These are all items from my room where I did just that. They're all action figures. Testament to me not looking at the page is the fact that most of the things don't line up on both sides. :( Anyway it was an interesting experiment and I can actually still tell what the things are, you could too if you saw my room. I plan on doing more of this in the future.

Another time when I had no idea what to draw. I had a rubbery kind of green toy that looked like this as a kid. That was what came in my head, so I drew it.

A Mexican guy comes to a fence with a no sombraro and no shakers sign and looses it. He drops his shakers and his hat gets blown off his head (meaning he could now enter).

A motorcycle and a guy with a mask (for no apparent reason).

I hadn't drawn any cartoony animals for a while so I decided to do a tired cliche of cat and mouse. I sometimes draw in pencil crayons. It seems to be easier to get things going that way sometimes.

A girl... I wanted her face to be chubby, but it came out too chubby.
This girl wasn't supposed to be east-asian, but she kind of looks like it to me...

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