Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Birthday Card for Ken

This is a birthday card I made for Ken... (again with some limited sound effects). It's only about 7-8 seconds long:

A lot of it is kind of "inside".

Ah, memories...
  • Ken was into AC\DC (see the poster).
  • He's the only person I ever met who made farting noises with his hands (which he's doing when the video starts). It's the same principal as doing it with your underarm; you make some suction and then push it. I can do it as well, but Ken was always the master.
  • Ken destroyed my SNES "R" button by doing the Razor's Edge in WWF Raw (see the controller above the window)
  • Ken moved to Australia (see the boomerang on the wall and kangaroo in the background).
  • Ken was balding and had a goatee when he left here. Somehow he managed to lose both sets of hair in Australia. Now we know it's from an exploding present.

The present exploding is kind of loosely based on Jokey Smurf. I don't know why... Again, this could have been better with more time spent. I didn't spend that much time with this one, but I think it's both personal and captures some tiny bit of funniness with it.

Anyway, hope he enjoys...

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