Sunday, May 24, 2009

Birthday card for Mom

This is a birthday card I made for my mom last week:

It wasn't overly inspired or anything, and I didn't spend my life on it, but it worked out OK. I got to play with the writing on the screen trick, which was kind of interesting to do. The cat's final pose when he's writing had his head drawn on paper and I traced it with the wacom tablet, which worked better than if I had drawn it directly. As an inbetween to scanning and drawing directly on the tablet I may try to make use of this in the future.

As usual, I started too late and had a lot to do at the last second and didn't do as much as I planned.

There will be quite a few birthdays end of July and early August, so I will have to start working now if I want to do something for everyone... We'll see... I also would like to do a few shorts (6-8 mins), but haven't found the time or energy.

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